Fat Prophet for Big Brother 10!

Fat Prophet admits he watches Big Brother and has written about the community forming itself in this year’s cast of those who hope to be famous.  But the real exciting news is that he has announced his candidacy for next year’s Big Brother!

I”m going to apply for the next show. I’d love to stand strong in my faith in the face of such adversity and complete ignorance and actually put forward a coherent argument to what is basically idiocy, bullying and hypocrisy. Somehow though, I don’t think I’d pull in the ratings.

I say, ‘Why not?’  I think I would watch it if he’s on there!  Fat Prophet, I am sure you would pull in the ratings.  If for any reason, people seem to enjoy watching those who try to give coherent argument to anything be resoundly dismissed by the other housemates, but it would be great to hear you give a go.  Maybe you will get on Hello! magazine, too.


2 thoughts on “Fat Prophet for Big Brother 10!

  1. Sorry Will not Fat Prophet volunteering for Big Brother but Son of the Prophet. I think I am probably to old andu nattractive and am not completely potty so would not fit the criteria.

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