My Wife, the Worship Leader

A few months ago, April and another member from Wilpshire, took the Methodist Church’s Worship Leader Training Course (Worship Leaders in the Methodist Church grew out of a need for people who felt a call to help in the leading of worship, but didn’t have a call to preach).  Earlier this week, the local preacher scheduled to take the service this morning at Wilpshire rang up our new worship leaders and said he wanted them to lead the service – all he would do was preach!

I find you don’t get a lot of local preachers willing to let go of the service to this extent.  Many have been so trained in the school of ‘the preacher does everything’ that they have a hard time imagining what it looks like to share worship (I realise this is not true of all local preachers and ministers!).  I must admit that while April and Helen were quite nervous, I was glad the local preacher chose to do it this way.  No better way to get going than to dive right in!  So, they planned the service around the them that the preacher chose.  They were nervous not only because it was their first time, but none of us were sure how the church would react to ‘worship leaders’ – it’s a fairly traditional church.

April asked me to read over the prayers and the all-age sections the preacher asked them to do.  And everything looked great.  Now, the reviews are in, and people are saying how well it went.  I even got an email from one church member to let me know how well April did!  Most important, April says that it felt right.  I am very proud of her.  So, now I don’t have to feel guilty if I tell April, ‘All I am going to do is preach!’


2 thoughts on “My Wife, the Worship Leader

  1. Cool! Well done, April. 🙂

    What I find interesting about this is that April and Helen appear to be doing the sort of ‘Worship Leading’ that the Worship Leaders in my sending circuit did.

    I have, however, heard other British Methodists talking about the sort of ‘Worship Leading’ that people do at Spring Harvest. In other words, the implication is that ‘worship’ is a sort of song-and-prayer-time led by musicians trained in ‘worship’.

  2. Thanks Pam!
    Helen and I are hoping to combine the two versions of worship leading you’ve highlighted in your post. Helen’s husband, Richard, plays guitar and we have a few other people in the congregation who are willing to sing. It will definitely be a process to integrate these aspects into a very traditional worship setting. This first week felt led by the Spirit and we’ve had good feedback from all types of people in the congregation. Can’t wait to see where it (the Spirit) will lead the worshipping community at Wilpshire.

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