Apprentice: Table for Four (Or, Sir Alan Takes the Easy Way Out)

I haven’t blogged about my guilty obsession, The Apprentice on BBC (though I have preached on it and commented about it on another blog!), but tonight’s episode was so dissatisfying that I had to find some outlet for my anger!  After being hooked to the original in the United States with Donald Trump, generally I have enjoyed the UK version much better.  Sir Alan Sugar has been miles ahead of Trump in this one.  Trump seems to enjoy the process of being on the tele where Sir Alan has genuinely looked for someone to hire.  (To be fair to Trump, I haven’t seen the US version since the first year, after which we moved here.)

Which makes this even more dissatisfying in this overall lacklustre year.  I miss last year’s intrigue with Katie and the personality conflicts that abounded, but I have been able to tune in week after week looking forward to it.  Tonight’s instalment just showed Sir Alan didn’t have the guts to make a decision.  I don’t know why.  He had 5 finalist.  Two episodes left.  The dreaded interviews were scheduled and this usually weeds out the posers from the real contenders.  Basically, he got rid of the one he wanted to get rid of (Lucinda Ledgerwood) and then decided that the four remaining candidates will be in the final.  What?  How do you do that?  His reason is that all four have ‘something about’ them.  At least one other he kept saying that he didn’t know and that he didn’t think she added anything to each week’s task!

So now he is in the strange position of having co-leaders for two teams next week.  Maybe this will work out in his own mind, but what was the point of the interviews if he used it to get rid of only one person?  I figured he just didn’t want to make any more decisions.  I thought the whole point of getting rid of people one-by-one is so that he could see the two best truly fight it out.  Now he is putting competitors as ‘co-leaders’ who are as likely to sabotage each other as anything else.  Maybe he has this worked out in this own mind, but I still think he took the easy way out.


2 thoughts on “Apprentice: Table for Four (Or, Sir Alan Takes the Easy Way Out)

  1. I too have been hooked on ‘The Apprentice’ and was disappointed that Sir Alan kept all four hopefuls for the final. The young man who cooked his CV (I forget his name) had only managed to study at Thames Valley University for 4 months! I’ve been a student of TVA for much longer than that – in my 80s! I was learning how to use my computer with Learn Direct when it was taken over by TVA, and it caused much merriment in my family when I received a letter saying, ‘You are now a student of Thames Valley University.’ The reason was that the local College had been upgraded to University status – but no-one here gives it the same status as the University of Reading. I think that young man should have been fired for his dishonesty as well as for his poor education.

  2. Olive, I didn’t know you were a fellow Apprentice devotee! Thanks for your comment. I guess I don’t look to hard at Lee for lying. He had probably got so used to saying he was there for two years that in some sense, it no longer stood out as a lie when he told his story. But, when confronted with it he didn’t try to talk his way out of it or justify it. I have seen other candidates over the years do that – try to make it show how it wasn’t really false.

    Overall, he seems more honest than the others. I hope he wins, but it will likely be Claire. She’s better than the other two.

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