England beat the US in Football

Or soccer as Americans call it.  England and the US played this evening in something called a ‘friendly’ (I assume it means it doesn’t count for anything, but I can’t tell what games ‘count’ in football anyway) and the US lost 2-0.

Usually the next day, someone tells me about this assuming that I am going to begin weeping uncontrollably because the US has lost (which has generally happened in the four years I have been here).  My response has typically been, ‘Oh, were they playing?’ This unfortunately ends the fun for the person who has wanted to rub my nose in my home country losing in a sport that generates little more interest nationally than the legislative debates on C-SPAN.

The only reason I knew England were playing the US tonight is because The Apprentice came on last night rather than tonight.  It’s been a low-key year on The Apprentice, but I’m still hooked. Sir Alan Sugar should have fired Michael weeks ago.


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