How Radical is Your Church?

Share, a blog that describes itself as a guide to Fresh Expressions, comments on something I have thought about – what does it mean to say one is ‘radical’? (The real meaning of radical.)  Churches want to be radical, but often this translates into appearances (loud music, cutting edge clothes, etc.).  But, what does it truly mean to say one is ‘radical’?

A page on Share, God seeks to transforms society, stresses the importance of being radical, and poses the questions: ‘Are fresh expressions radical enough?’ and ‘Will fresh expressions as a whole develop in a socially conservative or radical direction?’ The page name-drops JustChurch in Bradford where, as part of their worship, members write letters on behalf of pressure groups such as Amnesty International.

Is JustChurch‘s music loud and different? I don’t know. Are they radical in their dress, language or choice of visual aids? I haven’t visited, so I’m really not sure. What I do know is that they believe God can truly make a difference on all levels in this society and make time to express this in a practical way.


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