Economic Stimulus: Where Can the Money Go?

In response to President Bush’s call to save the nation through consumption, Out of Ur gives thoughts to how one may spend the economic stimulus money that will make it’s way to US taxpayers:

On Sunday, I invited Chuck to join me in front of our church. I asked him to explain why spending the money on himself was not the best thing he could do with it. “As I read about the government’s plan in the news, the more the idea of spending money on myself seemed to be at odds with the values of God’s kingdom,” he said. He told us he’d been reading Jesus’ words in Luke 12 and it appeared to be opposed to the message that we can spend our way to prosperity, security, and happiness.

This has lead for a church to begin to think creatively on how to invest their rebate:

Next Sunday our church will use more time talking about this. The congregation will be encouraged to pray about the best way to invest their rebate. It’s exciting to consider how the thousands of dollars represented in our local congregation could be creatively invested in ways that reflect and advance God’s Kingdom.


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