Blogging: Making Connexions

Last night, I held a stewards meeting for one of my churches.  I mentioned my blog and one of my stewards said, ‘I’ve been meaning to ask you about that.’  He then related the story that happened last week when he was at ECG in Llandudno.  A woman walked up to his group and heard them talking about Blackburn.  So she asked, ‘Do you know Will?’  I think they admitted that they did!  Anyway, it was Olive from Octomusings!  She explained that we met this past January at the UK Methodist Bloggers meeting.

Olive, my steward told me that you had a fall while down there, so I hope your feeling better!


6 thoughts on “Blogging: Making Connexions

  1. Thanks, Will. Yes, I have a black eye, now beginning to fade a bit, a very bruised right hand (the knuckles and thumb), and a grazed left knee and badly bruised left leg – but I’m fine unless I look in the mirror or try to use my right hand. It doesn’t pay to make short cuts in the rain because with your eyes fixed on the door you’re aiming at you aren’t looking for obstacles at you feet! I’ve had to have new spectacles, but i was due for a check-up in a few weeks, so it was brought forward. I think my hand will allow me to get back to blogging soon.

    What did your steward think of ECG? It’s such a pity that the president has had only one comment about it on his blog. I thought it was terrific! I hear that 470 people have already booked for next year.

  2. Olive, I’m glad you’re OK and recovering. My steward said the fall was a nasty one. I will let him know how you are.

    You know, I forgot to ask him about ECG. I think he said it was a good week. Maybe next year, we’ll make it down there.

    The Prez hasn’t seemed to taken to blogging like the Vice Prez, so I don’t know if his one post reflects him completely. I wonder if he will stick to it once he leaves. Maybe Stephen Poxon will pick up the presidential blog!

  3. I wondered that, too. It has certainly been good to have the regular updates on their blog. Maybe you can block the dates for ECG next year (2009) – 14th – 19th April. The Prez (Martyn Atkins) has been booked to be the main speaker for the Bible study sessions. It is our church’s Centenary year, so I will have to see if those dates clash with any of our planned big events.

  4. ooops for some reason erin (wifey) i logged into wordpress on my computer still. but that is me, gavin saying hello

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Gavin. Yes, Olive is a great person to meet. I was relating this story to some other church members yesterday and opened with, ‘I met this woman on the internet.’ I got this strange look from both of them until my wife April intervened and quickly explained about the blog!

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