Celebrating Easter: A Story of Life out of Death

Real Live Preacher has posted a haunting story of a man conceived when his mother was raped at 16.  The paradox here is that yes, God can bring life out of death, but that does not erase the pain and anger of the 16 year old girl or the sin of the rapists (or the institutional sin that condemned her whether they believed the story or not.

“So…” I left a long pause to soften the question that was coming. “Would you say that you’re glad it happened? I mean, surely you’re glad to be alive.”
“I don’t rightly think it’s a fair question,” he said. “The past is dead and gone and all that pain with it. A pile of manure might be lucky enough to have a flower grow out of it, but that doesn’t change its basic nature.”

Yet, this man can see some redeption:

“No sir.” he said. “The blood of Jesus and good living covered those sins long ago.”

Rather than me comment on it and ruin it, read the whole thing:  Story, Redemption, and Time


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