I’m Dreaming of a White…

…Easter? Well, it snowed this afternoon on this Holy Saturday, and we expect more over night. Mrs. Lesley from Bamber Bridge years ago told me that this was not unknown. I don’t remember if I believed her, but I have to now! Sorry Mrs. Lesley!

I wouldn’t have expected this in South Carolina.


3 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White…

  1. Whereas it happened all the time in Ohio!

    I have memories of being a little kid in the 60s and being dressed in my spring clothes and freezing in the snow.

    My mother followed a strict policy of summer clothes after Easter – even when it was snowing – and winter clothes after Memorial day, even when it was 90 degrees F.

  2. That’s funny! My mom tells the story of her mother being ahead of her time and forcing her to wear trousers to school in winter to high school when this was before the time when girls didn’t wear them like they do now.

    As far as the snow, I saw a friend on facebook who works up north but is from down south and was also lamenting the snow at Easter.

  3. It must be quite a climate shock.

    I went to a Christian school – again in the 1960s – and the little girls were allowed to wear trousers under our skirts on the way to school, but they had to be removed because the bible says men should not dress like women and vice-versa. I kid you not! Once we got to a certain age – I think it was about 11 or 12 – we just had to have freezing legs. Ohio can be pretty cold in the winter; I think it’s why I hate winter to this day.

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