N.T. Wright on Jesus’ Politics

As many of you know, one of my favourite New Testament scholars is Tom (N. T.) Wright.  In his latest Washington Post column, he answers the question, ‘Would Jesus be a democrat or a republican?’  In my republican heydays, I think my friends and I would have said, ‘Neither,’ but would really think deep down that Jesus would agree more with Republicans.  I like to think I’ve grown up since then!

Wright reframes the question altogether and challenges us to think about how we do politics.

The present way we do politics and government is, alas, part of the problem, and he would have challenged it (its huge cost, its pretense of participation which is shamelessly manipulated by the media, its cult of personality, its ignoring, all too often, of the actual needs of the poor, etc. etc.) just as he challenged the power structures of his day.

Hat Tip:  Allan R. Bevere


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