The Passion on BBC

I remember my church history professor telling his experience of watching the first Lord of the Rings film as gritting his teeth, waiting for them to get the story wrong (as films sometimes do). I have the same sense of uneasiness with the upcoming miniseries called The Passion, which will recount Jesus’ final week in 4 parts. It begins on 16 March (Palm Sunday). Of course, I am looking forward to it. I have really enjoyed the BBC’s last two forays in telling biblical stories (the Manchester Passion and the Liverpool Nativity). Hopefully, it will be the start of some good discussion at church. The BBC has just released a promotional website:

The Passion

Also, Duke University Department of Religion Professor Mark Goodacre was a consultant for the film. He is in London for a viewing and is blogging about the experience (so far, what he watched on the plane):

Mark Goodacre – NT Gateway


3 thoughts on “The Passion on BBC

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Alan! It does look like an interesting series. What fascinates me is that in the United Kingdom, for the talk about the decreasing Christian influence and the rising doubt that Christianity offers anything, the BBC is able to do the Manchester Passion and Liverpool Nativity and now this. Programmes like this in America would seem a no brainer. I will look forward to hearing about the reception of it.

  2. At our Circuit Meeting last night our Superintendent Minister told us that here is to be a Winchester Passion on the lines of the Manchester Passio, which he believed will be televisedMethodist minister Howard Mellor is deeply involved in its preparation and we were urged to go – by train if necessary.

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