My Daughter is Catching On

Savannah has been learning to hand stuff to us. She will be holding something and she will lift it up to us so that we can take it and say, ‘Thank you.’ We can also ask for what she is holding and she will lift it up to us. Generally, she will expect it to be immediately handed back to her, though. Anyway, tonight she was sitting on the floor by my chair and just before I got up to grab my wallet and leave for a Ladies Fellowship meeting, I saw this little hand with my wallet. She had lifted it up expecting me to take it. I did and said thank you. But as I got up and looked down at her to say goodbye, I saw hidden in her little hands was my debit card. She had taken it out before handing me my wallet. And she did not want to give that back. I had to remove it from her.

So, she has already learned how to get dad’s card out of his wallet. Wait until she learns what to do with it!


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