A Southern Baptist Among the Mainliners

One day, I will get around to explaining all the links in my blogroll.  They list the blogs that I read regularly for one reason or another, and one day I will write about why.  Most of these are written by people I have never met.  One of those is the self-described post-evangelical Internet Monk.  He’s a Southern Baptist who writes on his experiences of the evangelical church and how he has moved beyond the evangelical movement.  Having grown up in the evangelical movement myself, a lot of what he says connects with me.  Having grown up in the Wesleyan tradition, his debates with the hard-core Calvinists often run past me.  Also, having chosen to stay in the United Methodist Church, I have moved past most of the debates that still rage in his comments.

With the last comment, I wanted to share this post he wrote about his experience at a Eugene Peterson conference where he was the only Southern Baptist among Episcopalians,  Lutherans (ELCA), and Presbyterians (PCUSA) – all what in the US we call the ‘mainline’.  Often more liberal, often despised by his colleagues, and usually avoided at all costs, he spends time with this crowd.  He mixes with women in the ministry, but the issue never surfaces – even when others find out he is Souther Baptist!

I pass this on because I enjoyed it, being a mainliner myself – even if a more evangelical one (thanks to James Dobson, Jerry Fallwell, and Pat Robertson, I don’t usually use that term to describe myself).  I enjoy it when those from denominations who think we are at best heretics and at worst anti-Christs, meet us and enjoy us.  Here’s the link:

Three Days Among the Mainlines


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