A Strange Holiday?

It’s Valentine’s Day again. April and I have marked it by telling Savannah this morning that this is her second Valentine’s Day. It means that we are moving away from her ‘firsts’ (of course, there are more to come like first step, etc., but it’s just another reminder that she’s growing up). Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that catch me off guard each year. I didn’t date a lot in high school, college, or until I met April, so I never had a reason to look forward to it. It usually passed with little notice in my family, but apparently was observed in April’s as a ‘family holiday’. April’s mum seems to put an emphasis giving something and hasn’t missed one with April since I’ve known her. She has continued it with Savannah.

I don’t think April and I started well with Valentine’s Day. Our first, we had been dating for just over a month and I wasn’t sure what in the world I wanted to do with her yet. I worked on a card that year more than any other because I wanted to find a card that didn’t say anything about ‘love’ or have too much romance, but then again I didn’t want to seem as if I was blowing her off, either. So I found one about St. Valentine and April got the message, but luckily for me she stuck around anyway. By that time, my cat, Wesley, had figured out she wasn’t going anywhere and stopped hissing at her non-stop, so I eventually came in line with him. This really is a strange holiday

News items and bloggers are writing about the holiday:

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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